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's still, this is what i use today. [shots] >> wow. >> so-- >> by the way, i'm doubling down on my bet. betting on you, not bo dietl. and that's great shooting. >> as you can see-- >> one last question before i let you go, a lot of people hear these names and semi automatic and they're afraid of them and there are so many weapons, what you're saying there's no massive logic reason what they're banning, is that a fair statement. >> i believe that's a fair statement. what you spoke with asa hutchinson is cosmetic it has no baring on the firing and functioning of an ar-15 and strictly for me to help me through competition, it doesn't make it big, bad, scary or worse than one without those features. so i believe that's a fair statement. >> sean: all right. jessie, very, very informative, a great shot and i look forward to the bet with bo. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> sean: coming up, when he we come back, our studio audience, and they sound out and explain why we've got to protect the second amendment rights of the law abiding citizens in the u.s. that and more straight ah
will ask if the united states of america is, in fact, a safe bet. the full faith and credit of the united states of america is not a bargaining chip. >> bret: the president of the united states today. his last news conference of the first term. quick reaction from mitch mcconnell who released this statement -- the president and his allies need to get serious about spending. debt limb debate is the perfect time for it. i know the most important issue confronting the issue of the country is deficit and debt. so we are hoping for a new seriousness on the part of the president with regard to the single biggest issue confronting the country. we look forward to doing so about the huge, huge problem. yonah goldberg. kirsten powers. charles krauthammer. okay, charles, start with the debt ceiling talk. what you heard from the president. >> the tone was remarkable. he talk about the republicans being suspicious of the social security and medicare by the oldest saw that you could hear. then he added making sure empovrished children get food. that's over the top. he said i love to hang out with a con
. that is what it's been so far. >> bret: thank you. >> you bet. u.s. companies increase their three-tenth of a percentage point. home prices rose .3 of a point in no.. year to year rise was 7.5%. largeest in six-and-a-half years. retail sales were up half a point. in december. the dow was up today, 27-1/2. the s&p 500 gained two. the nasdaq lost 7. gun rights advocates are bracing for the worst tonight. president obama will announce tomorrow morning what he intends to do about gun violence including which of almost two dozen possible executive orders he will implement. here is white house correspondent wendell goler. >> reporter: aides say the president and vice president will propose things we can do as a nation to protect innocents from gun violence and will joined by children around the countrybe who wrote the president letter ins the wake of the tragedy expressing concern about gun violence and school safety along with their parents. >> mr. obama called this the worst day of the presidency. but this inflames his critics. mr. biden has legislative proposals and things to do on th
debt. >> bret: important distinction. brit, thank you. >> you bet. >> bret: defense secretary leon panetta says he has directed the military to begin taking prudent steps to offset impact of huge budget cuts scheduled for march 1. he said he directed the services to begin planning now in case he has to put nearly 800,000 civilian employees on unpaid leave for up to a month during the remainder of the fiscal year. mortgage rates are ticking up a bit from record lows. freddie mac says the average interest on 30-year fixed loan is 3.4%. up from 3.34% last week. stocks finished in positive territory today. the dow gained 81. the s&p 500 was up 11. nasdaq rose 16. here at home, there could be a quirky consequence to jack lew as new treasury secretary. we'll show you what that is later in the grapevine. up next no, tea party in boston. as flu hammers the bay state. meet the 5-passenger ford c-max hybrid. when you're carrying a lot of weight, c-max has a nice little trait, you see, c-max helps you load your freight, with its foot-activated lift gate. but that's not all you'll see, cause c
to taken that bet. >> bret: yeah. might be a longshot. >> bret: one thing talked about is u.s. troops getting immunity as security agreement worked out post-2014. status enforces agreement, the agreement they will work out. one thing that jennifer griffin reported zero troops after 2014 is a bluff by the white house to force karzai's hand to agree to immunity for troops that would be left on the ground after that time. that is not what happened with iraq. that deal did not get signed. that is why the troops left when they did. >> right. >> it seems like there will be a signed deal this time. >> yeah. it seems like there will be troops, some residual force kept there, which is fine. the reason obama hasn't made a good case for gans is there is no good case for afghanistan. we should have left quite some time ago. it doesn't mean we didn't go there with good intentions or there weren't bad people that needed be overthrown but not a successful war. the fact we still have people over there that are going to die for a mission that obama just basekly told us we're really not achieving. we d
: thank you. >> you bet. >> bret: some things if everyone that is not a good thing. topic is new regulation. shannon bream on the regulatory agenda and the wide reach. >> by law, they are required to release accounting of the proposed federal regulation each april and october. but that didn't happen last year. the obama administration released the 2012 regulatory agenda on the friday afternoon before christmas. >> the fact that this snuck in after the election in the holiday season when people were otherwise occupied with the families not surprising. >> the current line-up of proposes steps of thousands of pages. >> this is all of the federal agencies, many of whom have thousands of the regulations. in small type. it goes on and on and on. there is no way any human being could sit down to read this thing from front to back. if they could, they would get a metal. >> the american action forum says many lack the relevant fiscal. implementation could cost $123 billion. take 13 million man hours. the regulators draft the rules without the congressional involvement to give them power t
-level and high-paying jobs at citigroup where he oversaw unit that lost money and profited betting against the subprime mortgage. sequester, a lot of talk of the sequester and the cuts that will be debated ahead of the credit ceiling talks. across the board cuts. people forget it came from the white house, according to woodward's book "price of politics." at 2:30 p.m., jack lew and thous legislative affairs neighbors went to the meet with the senate majority leader and the chief of staff swept an idea for the trigger. what is the idea, reid asked skeptically? sequestration. lew and nains went through a laundry list of programs that faced cuts. this is ridiculous. that is the beauty of the sequester. it's so ridiculous no one wants it to happen. the bomb that no one wanted to drop. it was an action-forcing event. i get it, reid said finally. that's from bob woodward. back with the panel. a.b., jack lew? >> after what you read, charles would say lew was not cynical enough. because, of course, we still live with the sequester for at least another two months. lew learned his green eye shades a
. investors around the world will ask if the united states of america is in fact a safe bet. >> he will suggest every cat lizm that could occur. they clashed with the administration in 2011. treasury said the legislation to prioritize payment would represent default by another name. it would bring about the same katzic economic consequences. idea was dismissed by the administration. derided, castigateed and described as reckless and irresponsible and unworkable. >> paul ryan, the powerful chairman of the house committee and former g.o.p. vice presidential nominee said all options clouding prioritization remain on the table. ryan suggest itig the divided government and gridlock if the long-term deal is achievable it will take time to negotiate it. failing that, toomey and ryan said it's the only available course. >> bret: is it tough to do? if you have the law in place is it tough for budget folks to implement it? >> very tough. no president wants to give up flexibility. president wants the white house back. they don't want the hands tied by congress if the shoe is on other foot. >>
bring. people can get your newsletter free if they want to go to gingrich productions.com. i bet a lot of people will. mr. speaker, thank you for being here today. [applause] >> earlier today, the senior presidential advisor, and senator chuck schumer said they were pretty confident, that congress is going to approve the president's gun plan, but a firearms expert says that the plan is not the solution when keeping our children safe from ruthless killers. killers. he will he' explain why when (applause) >> president obama revealed his plan to put an end to gun violence. >> congress should restore a ban on military style assault weapons, and a ten-round limit for magazines. [applaus [applause]. the type of assault rifle used in aurora, for example, when paired with high capacity magazines has one purpose, to pump out as many bullets as possible as quickly as possible. to do as much damage using bullets often designed to inflict maximum damage. >> mike: all right, when the president describes what assault weapons are, does he really know what the heck he's talking about? well, my next
it was the message or a mistake? >> i bet a mistake. the guys in the white house have a wikipedia staff when it comes to speech writing stop. they make weird errors. that previous speech writing shops would never make. obama didn't have the excuse. he has to read it and know what the phrase meant. >> we have a shot of neville chamberlain if anybody wanted to see a face with a name. >> what do you think? >> the speech was short on foreign policy intentionally. the focus of domestic policy. when he got to it, it was clear that he wanted to emphasize engagement again. he did not want to talk about stopping nuclear iran. he did not want to talk, he talked about permanent wars as if it was an indulgence. interesting that he de-emphasized foreign policy. confirmation hearings to be the director of the c.i.a. he not only will be asked about what the current, and the policy has been but what it will be in the future. if the drone policy is unsustainable what is the drone policy going to be? what will they be replaced with when we leave afghanistan? how do we fight al-qaeda if we pull back from drone six? the
: brit, thank you. >> you bet. >> bret: just who gets to take part in future wars is changing. pentagon today formally announced the intention to allow a new group of fighters on the front lines. national security correspondent jennifer griffin tonight on women in combat. >> with the stroke of a pen, secretary panetta and chairman of joints chief ended a ban on women in combat. general dempsey said he realized women were already on the front lines when he got his armored vehicle in baghdad in 2003. >> i slappe slapped the terret n around the area and said who are you? she said i'm amanda. from that point on i realized something had changed and it was time to do something about it. >> panetta smoke of opportunity -- spoke of opportunity. >> in life, as we know, there are no guarantees of success. not everyone is going to be able to be a combat soldier. but everyone is entitled to a chance. >> marine such as ryan smith, retired sergeant who served in iraq thinks the decision puts lives at risk. >> my first sargent was mortally wounded in iraq and he was the tourett of am fibbous assault v
background. same size. >> dana: racist. >> kimberly: he is so cute. it bet he will be in the movies. >> dana: they tell me i have to go. but we'll see you tomorrow instead. thank you for watching. >> bret: a short term the wrong way. the economy slinks bringing on fears of a new recession. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. hard slap in the face tonight from reality. economy thought to be improving shocked experts and shrank in the final months of last year. huge falloff from gain last summer. white house correspondent wendell goler with an explanation and reaction. >> less than two weeks after the president said in the second inaugural address that an economic recovery had begun, the commerce department said not so fast. the biggest drop in defense spending in 40 years combined with a decline in exports and slow growth in company stock piles slashed economic growth from 3.1% in the third quarter to minus 1/10th in the fourth. first negative quarter since 2009. white house downplayed the report and gave the republicans part of the blame. >> home prices a
. >> the obama administration had a bet to partner with the muslim brotherhood in north africa and another one to reengage the iranian regime. this is collapsing and this will put the united states in weak position. washington needs to do fast is for president obama to address those segment of society in egypt and libya and tunisia, on the one hand and on the other hand in syria, instead of playing the arbiter between russia a iran and other forces to engage civil society inside syria. these are the forces of change, forces for the future. >> in the confirmation hearing last week, america's new top diplomat sketched out a different roadmap. >> the president understands the stakes and the implications in the middle east. i mean, so much of what we aspire to achieve and what we need to do globally, what we need to do in the migrab and south after sha, south central asia, throughout the gulf. all of this is tied to what can or doesn't happen. with respect israel palestine. >> solving the mideast, of course is a goal the eluded all modern presidents. secretary kerry sees the path to the holy land
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)